Deniance on Unauthorized Collection of Emails

The e-mail address posted on this website shall be refused to be collected without permission using an e-mail collection program or any other technical device. Please note that if you violate this, you will be subjected to crime by the Information and Communication Network Act.

Article 50-2 of the Information and Communication Network Act.(Prohibition of unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses, etc.)
It is forbidden to use a program or other technical device that automatically collects an e-mail address from an Internet homepage.
No person shall sell or distribute collected e-mail addresses in accordance to act of violation on the provisions of paragraph(1).
No one shall use it for information transmission knowing that the act is forbidden pursuant to paragraphs(1) and (2).

If you have been encountered by an unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses that utilizes such technical methods mentioned above, please call (02-1336) or report it through the report window on illegal spam response center website (